A lunch to dine for!

My darling husband and I decided to treat ourselves to a delicious lunch at one of Prague’s fancier restaurants. It is called the Terasa U Zlaté Studně and is highly acclaimed. It was just an ordinary Saturday, we set off in the morning to buy some provisions for the dinner with friends who we invited to join us in the evening. Alas we did not know what we had let ourselves in for, with the lunch. If I tell you that on the following day I eat a rare restorative McDonald’s breakfast you may get the idea. It was a fabulous time but did involve us having to cancel dinner at our house – not good behaviour!

The restaurant is only a 4 minute walk from us however a little tricky to find. A cobbled street leads to a narrow lane which looks like a dead end and this in turn leads to the the entrance to a hotel. Then a series of stairs and lifts brings you to the fifth floor where an amazing view over Prague awaits. The reason we had gone for lunch was twofold: we failed to make a dinner booking because one has to book well in advance and in any case  you can it enjoy lunch more since you are not too tired, plus it’s cheaper! That is what we told ourselves. We took a look at the menu and my darling husband decided it was time for a really good Golden Well Hotellunch. Not knowing when we may ever get the chance to return to such an exclusive place he made an executive decision – we went for the tasting menu, with wine. Since it was ‘just’ a lunch menu, I foolishly anticipated it being less fancy than a dinner. We started with a gin & tonic, waited with anticipation for the first course to arrive. The soup was delicious and was accompanied by a glass of champagne, a full glass. The food continued and was truly fantastic, each plate a wonder to behold and then taste. The sumptuous food was accompanied by a full glass of wine, we had the champagne, followed by a Rose, a white, a red, a dessert wine and finally a brandy. We loved every moment of our lunch, we were looking at the view and catching up with each other, as despite being in the same house, he does travel and had been in Kiev for a while. It must be said that by the time we took the chocolate truffle and brandy, we were grateful that we only lived 4 minutes walk away, it is however up hill.

On returning home we both headed for a lie down. We had eaten like Romans until we were over indulged and needed some time to recover – must be an age thing. The only challenge was that our good friends were coming over for an early dinner at 6:30pm. They are Czech and were our lovely neighbours when we lived in Dubai, it really is crazy that we are now in their hometown. At just after 4pm I put the meat in the oven, the meat needed a high heat for 30 minutes then to cook slowly for a couple of hours. I fell asleep, woke after 5 pm, I should have reduced the heat in oven, I had not, so it was more cooked than I would have liked. We were not quite up to speed and things (including coordination) were not going particularly well. My darling husband was feeling quite overwhelmed by the whole lunch experience, so he took the second executive decision that day: to phone our friends and ask them to come tomorrow instead. It was really embarrassing, we could not admit as to why we had to cancel and said we would explain when we saw then the next day. Unfortunately, as they are lovely they thought something untoward had happened with the family. The next day we explained that an intoxicating mix of food and wine had totally inhibited our faculties to my lovely friend and she reminded me of her words to us when we first came here, ‘I told you it was going to be tough in Prague’. Luckily she said this whilst wearing a big smile. Thank goodness for understanding friends!

The note to myself is that, usually in the other posh restaurants, the tasting menu wines are not quite full glasses, but samples much like the food, not whole dishes but several small servings of interesting food. In Prague they are very liberal with the flowing wine, we could have had one meal with wine and one without and probably survived better. It has made for a truly memorable meal, one of the best lunches ever and I know I did not have to drink the glass empty each time – but it tasted so good!!

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