Bought a Romantic Hotel Package

The husband and I do not actually have that many weekends together, with me flitting back and forth from England when I go back to pick up youngest daughter from boarding school every third weekend and holidays. Sometimes the husband comes along but often it is just ‘moi’. Therefore a weekend of romance seemed like a nice idea since in the last two weeks we spent three nights together what with his and my travels.

This weekend the husband and I traveled to Cesky Krumlov to redeem a treat I had bought as a Christmas present ‘ A romantic break’. A town that has resonance with the husband, since his Grandfather went to study there, a long time ago, in another era.

Cesky KrCMN_7875umlov, is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. It is a UNESCO world heritage site, a well deserved title. The town was first developed in the 13th Century, it sits on the Vltava River, the same river that runs to Prague and on to Hamburg. It is not a big place, the 1910 Census tell an interesting story. The population consisted of 8,622 of that the huge majority of 7,367 were Germans, the remaining population were Czech. In 1938 the town was one of many that Hitler wanted to became ‘German’ under Nazi rule due to the large number of Germans there. The town became part of the Sudetenland, annexed to Germany. Hitler then took things a lot further as he invaded the rest of the Czechoslovakia and Europe. The building signs are in German and Czech, the town is not that far from the Austrian border, we heard plenty of Austrian German being spoken, it is a popular holiday destination for the Austrians. There is a castle in the town, a beautiful church, synagogue and the whole place is a wonder to itself being so well restored after it was left untouched by the Communists. Nearby there is another castle Hluboka Castle, which is a copy of Windsor Castle, where Her Majesty lives just outside London.

But enough of the history, we were on a ‘romantic’ break, it involved talking to each other, holding hands as we strolled the picturesque streets and looking into each other eyes over steaming cups of coffee. Everything a relationship needs after 30 years of being together. We had a quick pizza lunch and then took a tour of the Castle which was beautiful and very interesting. After some hours the sub zero temperatures persuaded us to go to the hotel and check-in. As I had bought a “Romantic Break” voucher, we were not really all that sure what type of accommodation we were about to receive but imagine our delight as huge fans of ‘The CMN_7894-002Grand Budapest Hotel’ to find we were in the Gustav suite in a lovely hotel in the heart of the town. A good sign! I had a bath, the husband did his emails, answering emails has the same relaxing effect on him, as a hot bath does for me. We were about to go down for dinner, included in said package and were looking forward to the tasting wines but after last time, we knew we had to be careful!! The husband was unable to locate his phone, then his wallet. We did the usual ‘where was the last place….’ he thought he may have left them in the car, so headed out in the snow flurries to see if the items were freezing in the car. He returned with them both – during dinner he made a confession. On going back to the car, he was replaying in his mind what had he done with the wallet and phone, he looked at the roof of the car and there on the top were both items. They had been there all day, outside in a public car park by the river. It is a good job we were on a romantic break, it meant I did not loose my cool in the restaurant but did wonder if he is safe to be out on his own.

Delicious food and a very modest amount of wine, we retired to our bed, woke up to snow falling, the town covered in pure white and it all looked very romantic indeed!!

For those interested, and in the Czech Republic, the Romantic Break voucher came from Lime&Tonic.

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