I locked myself out!

I knew I would one day – we have a very secure system here at the apartment. You need a key to get into the apartment, that is normal, however you need a different key to operate the lift. If you don’t have the lift key, you can climb the stairs but you need yet another key to get into the stairwell. To do any of the above, you first need a keycard to get in through the great big sealed 19th Century wooden street doors. It was called a palace when it was built in 1498 – more like a fortress. Forget any of the above and you are on the beautiful cobbled street – outside!

CMN_6812I did this yesterday, luckily not on a rainy afternoon. I had headed into town to buy gifts, we are going to visit family in Germany and since it is the 75th Birthday of one lovely lady, I thought I would try and find something appropriately Czech as a present. When I sat in the tram, searching through my bag for my glasses to read a WhatsApp message (sign of age – the glasses that is), I became aware that it was not only my glasses that I had forgotten to scoop up before venturing out.

With some money in my wallet and knowing that I was due to meet the darling husband at 6pm, something that was already arranged, I had four hours to entertain myself in Prague. Funnily enough, being locked out was more of a mental issue than a physical one, since I had no real need to return home. I did call the darling husband to check that he had his keys and was not relying on me! I wandered round, purchased the necessary gifts and then started to haunt a cafe or two. All very pleasant, it was getting dark and I thought I would check out a couple of restaurants, it is the darling husband’s birthday in a couple of weeks and I wanted to go somewhere nice.

Entering the lift of the Bell Tower restaurant I met a middle aged couple waiting to go up. They had arrived for a long weekend from Sheffield, although originally from Mauritius. I know what you are thinking ‘why’ move to Sheffield from somewhere as beautiful as Mauritius, a very different kind of rain. They were looking for somewhere to celebrate his birthday the following day. After looking at the menu, they decided to go back the next day, however this one was not for me, I have a few more choices yet. We chatted in the lift coming down and stood outside talking for a little while longer. They wanted to eat something authentically Czech and the hotel they were staying at had given them all the usual tourist hotspots near the Old Town and Wenceslas Square. I gave them two tram tickets and directions to a lovely Czech restaurant on the other side of the river, where tourists do not dare to venture after dark. In the daytime tourists wander throughout the city however as night falls, they seem to stay on the other side to us, near the afore mentioned tourist hotspots. I am not sure why but it is great for us “local” types. I do hope they had a good evening and will have a great time for his birthday later today.

I moved on to a posh hotel bar, waiting to be rescued by darling husband, who turned up – thankfully in good time. It is very easy to feel slightly uncomfortable as a lone women in a hotel bar, especially when you are not resident at the hotel. Maybe next time we will make it a bit more exciting, the darling husband could come along and pretend to chat me up, buy me a cocktail, ask interesting questions about me, all like a scene for an American film from the 50’s. Well a girl can dream!

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