Oh what a day! Fact is weirder than fiction!

Seriously I can not believe how it turned out. I was meant to have wood delivered at 9am, it came at 12.45 instead. In Czech terms, I should have been grateful it was still light. A friend who is Czech and was our neighbour when we lived in Dubai, had been kind enough to organsie the delivery and then he graciously turned up to help me stack all three cubic metres of it.

IMG-20141016-WA0004Our Czech friend is in between jobs right now. Whilst we were stacking the wood in the small garage at the back of our courtyard, a very glamourous women came and got into her car that was parked inside the courtyard – this is unusual, the parking in the courtyard. Her and our Czech mate had a few pleasantries which of course I did not understand one word of. Czech mate helped her negotiate her car around the big pile of logs. When she was leaving through the big wooden doors onto the street, he said she was the Mother of one of his son’s friends at school. He was a bit concerned on two fronts: a) he might now be considered a log dealer and stacker b) he was meeting middle aged women for afternoon delight. Both as mortifying as each other!

Then my neighbour turned up with an English women, who had a lovely dog with her. We spoke and I mentioned that I have two Jack Russells back home in Lambourn. WELL!! It turns out, she not only knows Lambourn, she knows lots of my friends, one of whom is a trainer whose horse raced last weekend in Prague! All true – but the really amazing thing is we have a dog from a family in Lambourn and so does she. Basically, we are related through our dogs! The racing family French-Davis have Jack Russells and every now and then they get out and there are puppies, we had one called Bexi and she also had one. Bear in mind we are stood in a courtyard of an old palace built in 1498 in Prague – you really can’t make this stuff up.

Anyway – my kindness from strangers came later in the day. Having stacked all that wood, I showered and decided the best thing to do was have a manicure as my hands look like they belonged to a farmer’s wife. Love farmers and their wives, my son is a farmer but my nails needed attention. I paid good money for a great manicure and on the way home called into a little Asian shop near me that I had walked past lots of times. The women working there was young and from the Philippines, we chatted. I told her that I met lots of Filipinos when living in Dubai, talked about the food and discussed things, mostly about the lack of good fish in Prague. She then went to the back of her fridge and produced a green vegetable, like a squash. She told me how to cook it and gave it to me, free, would not take a Czech Crown at all. A friend of hers had grown said vegetable and she insisted she had enough for herself so I should take it. So I have a strange vegetable in my fridge which I will cook tomorrow night – how kind of her. I will have to repay her kindness and find either some good fresh fish, she loves mackerel as I found out today or perhaps something English like good Yorkshire teabags!

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