Snow, Public transport and a silent argument

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to write my blog regularly, every Monday if I can manage it. I did it last Monday it is now Tuesday of the following week, along with not drinking alcohol my New Year’s resolutions are not doing too well.

Thunovska with a dusting of snow

Thunovska with a dusting of snow

It has become extraordinarily cold here, night time temperatures have dropped to -13C, that is cold and all indicators are that it is going to get colder. The husband is traveling to Kiev tomorrow, Prague is only a few degrees warmer. The husband has stopped driving the car to work, it is icy out there and we live on a hill, with a police station at the bottom – enough said!

As the roads are a bit slippy, the snow that fell did melt a bit and then froze over, so the ice-rink feel is prevalent, public transport is the way to go. I love the trams and buses here, you can get everywhere using them, except the airport, well you can but it will take an hour of your life, which when you have flown from the UK is almost as much again. A taxi is about 20 minutes to the middle of town. The trams are running and it is a great pleasure to step out of the cold and onto a warm tram. I usually find a seat, as I don’t travel at peak times. I can then look at the other passengers.

Recently I have noticed many silent conversations. Passengers using sign language. I don’t understand sign language, I have about three words, what was lovely about the conversation I witnessed is that is was a chat-up. The cool dude was chatting up the pretty girl, you did not need to be fluent in signelanguage to witness the flirty conversation, the coy movements of the head, the smiles, the endearing looks, it was really lovely to witness. Once I witnessed a row on public transport on an underground train, but both parties were using sign language. The hands were hitting each other with some force, it was quite clear they were rowing, at one point ‘she’ turned her head away, with her gaze gone, he was not able to continue the conversation. They were sat opposite each other, so by looking away he was powerless. I had to admire her.

Prague transport is a wonderful, modern mode of transport. So much so that I have sold my car and enjoy exploring the city. However one word of caution, I recently bought tickets on my mobile phone. Confidently when the inspector asked to see my ticket I showed him phone, only to realise that instead of typing DPT24 I had swapped the letters to DTP24, which meant my text had not worked and I was fined 800CZK about $20 per person. Luckily I had the cash on me, as we were on our way to get a bus to Dresden that I did not want to miss. You can buy tickets at the Tabik or machines near most tram and metro stations. Just a warning though, you have to pay your fine on the spot, they march you to an ATM if you don’t have it on you – could be very embarrassing in front of darling middle daughter and her three friends from the England.

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